West & North of Denver + Colorado Springs Collaboration

Pink Glitter collaboration, full image   

Anna Kaye used pink glitter as inspiration to start the collaboration with colored pencil circular patterns.


Katie Caron transformed the circular motif into cellular/biological forms with a mixed media approach using silicon.


Julia Rymer added abstract washes of watercolor and bold, graphite shapes.


Veronica Herrera used graphite to create shapes in the upper right corner associative with brain folds and grooves. She will base her art, for our upcoming shows, on the brain’s receptors for compassion.


Rian Kerrane adhered three-dimensional miniatures, such as a mirror, brush, comb, fork, and additional materials turning the collaboration into a mixed media assemblage.


Bonnie Ferrill Roman‘s image transfers and translucent scraps of handmade paper activate the space with a diagonal visual path.


Ania Gola-Kumor collaged a printed image of a painting from her solo show, Moving Paint, at Sandra Phillips Gallery and expanded the color palette with splashes of green and pink oil pastel and paint.


A detail of Ania’s collage + green marks, Rian’s button and fork, Julia’s pink watercolor brushstrokes, and Katie’s graphite lines.


A detail of Ania’s collage + pink & green marks, Rian’s buttons, and Katie’s graphite lines.


Susanne Mitchell saw subtle phallic forms throughout this piece and decided to take one of them and further develop it. She states, “As a culture we are so accustomed to images of sexualized, objectified female body parts. The phallus is a complex and multi layered signifier, which is rarely depicted in comparison.”


Irene Delka McCray, known for her incredible figurative paintings, added a shiny pink braid to the composition.



Ajean Ryan added collaged papers forming a visual path of circles and amoeba-like, gray forms.

Collaboration West North South DenverCollaboration, detail 1Collaboration, detail 2

Margaret Kasahara added pink pom-poms, stitching, and circles to create visual connections with the variety of marks in the composition.

Come see our collaboration in person at the Denver Public Library, 7th floor gallery for Pink Progression from March 2 – June 29, 2018. The opening reception is on March 10, 1:30 – 4:30 p.m.