Denver/Aurora Collaboration

Artist Mindy Bray started our Denver/Aurora collaboration with an ink wash of pink and yellow.


F.E. Toan added pink fabric shapes with a hint of floral pattern.



Dylan Scholinski added colored text, “nobody knows I’m trans” and backwards text, “i never could jump rope” with curving “jump rope” dashes.



Kellie Cannon drew yellow-gray hash marks and hashtags. Fawn Atencio created blue mountain-like, atmospheric forms.


Trine Bumiller added her signature branch and leaf forms, creating connective, visual paths in the composition.


With colored pencils, Kate Woodliff O’Donnell’s candy cane hooks onto Trine‘s branch and fades into Fawn‘s atmospheric marks.


Viviane Le Courtois added a narrative, figurative element with pens, watercolor, walnut ink and white Prismacolor pencil. Viviane describes her narrative in the collaboration, “All my life, I have had creepy men calling me names, sometimes following me, anywhere I go for a walk. I always think in my head: don’t look back, keep walking.”


Melissa Furness used gouache to press print a red-pink lace pattern.



Jennifer Ghormley used thread to stitch concentric marks, adding radial symmetry to the collaboration.


With nylon and enamel paint, Kim Harrell added three-dimensional berries to Trine’s branches.

Pink Progresssion Collaboration Denver, Aurora.jpg

Jennifer Pettus did some outlining and added net drawings, weaving together the variety of styles and marks in the composition.

Come see our collaboration in person at Boulder Public Library’s Canyon Gallery for Pink Progression from February 2 – March 24, 2018. The opening reception is on March 2, 6 – 8 p.m.