Free Artist Workshops at Boulder Public Library

Pink Progression offers engaging, free workshops with Artists Katie Caron, Frankie Toan, and Steven Frost. Here are the descriptions:

*Free program, walk-ins welcome, space is limited. Ages 12 to adult for safety.

Workshop 1: Vacuum Forming 

Boulder Public Library, Canyon Gallery, 1001 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80302 on March 10th from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

In this free workshop, artist and educator, Katie Caron will lecture and demonstrate how to create artwork using the vacuum forming process with polystyrene plastics. Participants can create their own vacuum formed compositions using objects and clay provided which explore concepts related to the Pink Progression exhibition and personal narratives.

5. Katie Caron, Autonomic Healing, 20 h x 20 w x 12 d inches, polystyrene, rubber, LEDS, 2017

Katie Caron, Autonomic Healing (detail), 2017, Polystyrene, rubber, LEDS, 20” h x 20” w x 12” d


Born 1978 in Manchester, Connecticut; lives in Littleton and works in Denver, Colorado

Katie Caron is presently Head of Ceramics and Sculpture at Arapahoe Community College in Colorado. Caron graduated from Boston University in 2000 with a Bachelor of Science in English Education and minor in Theater Arts. After graduation, she decided to pursue her art fulltime and moved to Colorado. In 2007, Caron was accepted to the graduate program at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan and graduated with a MFA in Ceramics and Sculpture. In 2011, Caron created Apoptosis in collaboration with Martha Russo for the Denver Art Museum’s exhibition Overthrown: Clay Without Limits.. She has completed numerous site-specific installations for Project Miami, University of Michigan, Redline Art Space and Republic Plaza in Denver. She was reviewed for Drosscapes, an immersive environment, in Sculpture Magazine’s June 2013 issue and is profiled in Boulder Magazine in January 2017 issue for her new body of work Autonomic Healing currently on exhibit as part of Pink Progression at the Boulder Public Library. Caron is represented by William Havu Gallery in Denver, and resides in Littleton, CO with her family.

Workshop 2: Rethinking the Pinking 

Boulder Public Library, Canyon Gallery, 1001 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80302 on March 17th from 2 – 5 p.m.

This hands-on, free workshop and discussion will address the symbolism of the p**** hat and generate new concepts for more inclusive symbolism. Artists Frankie Toan and Steven Frost will encourage an open dialogue around who the p**** hat represents/excludes, and how we should consider more inclusive symbolism in activism. Participants will have an opportunity to share their thoughts on the p**** hat, what it means to them, how it creates community, and how as a symbol it excludes many people who share feminist values. The workshop will challenge participants to design/create alternative hats that reflect each participant’s own voice in contemporary feminist activism.

Activities: Facilitating critical dialogue around the importance of more inclusive symbolism in feminist activism. This hands-on workshop includes the production of unique hats that express the politics and identities of the participants.

This workshop is intended for ages 17+.