Collaborative Art


PINKPROGRESSION’s theme for 2020 was collaboration. These mixed media artworks were on view at McNichols Civic Center Building from January 18 – April 5, 2020 and the Arvada Center from July 2 – November 8, 2020. We also participated in a word play collaborative project in which each participating artist was invited to contribute a word to create a loose, collective narrative. Thank you to Veronica Herrera for inspiring us to create this project! 

Word Play artist list (left to right, top to bottom):

Danielle Cunningham (now future), Jina Brenneman (peace), Deidre Adams (frisson), Brooke Atherton (sunshine), Judy Anderson (empathy), Christopher Hecker (YOUnity), Kim Putnam (YEARNING), Bonnie Stolzmann (doleful), Sarah Wallace Scott (bloom), Mindy Bray (hope), Tonia Bonnell (Grow), katie caron (love), Irene Delka McCray (mystery), Tree Bernstein (patience), Sally Elliott (intuition), Bonnie Ferrill Roman (becoming), Katie Elliott (equanimity), L. Ashwyn Corris (now), Belgin Yucelen (honesty), Joanna Bugajka (modern), Judy Gardner (quiet), Ashley Frazier (synergy), Becky Wareing Steele (compassion), Frankie Toan (notice), Melissa Furness (buoyancy), Rian Kerrane (muddle), Jennifer Ghormley + Victoria Eubanks (Serenity through Wisdom), Leah Swenson (fall), Susan Goldstein (endure/embrace), Gayla Lemke (persistence), Jane Guthridge (strength), Keith Arnold (pouring out), Samara Johnson (resilience), Belgin Yucelen (ameliorate), Lynda Ladwig (responsibility), Ana Maria Hernando (fluid), Veronica Herrera (emergence), Deborah Howard (courage), Laurel McMechan (fear), Sylvia Montero (heal), Rochelle Johnson (freedom), Tsehai Johnson + Leslie D. Boyd (disupt), Margaret Kasahara (love), Anna Kaye (transform), Megan Gafford (anti-fragile), Jessica Loving (rise), Rachel Doniger (together), Marsha Mack + John Romer (resist), Belgin Yucelen (imaginary), Virginia Maitland (foward), George Peters (breathe), Jessica Drenk (positivity), Janelle Anderson (listen), Sophie Lynn Morris (kardashian), Jennifer Pettus (mending), Sandra Phillips (fearless), Virginia Folkestad (focus), Belgin Yucelen (shibui), Rebecca Vaughan (longing), Patricia McInroy (vote), Jodie Roth Cooper (purple), Susan and Peter Illig (redemption), Sherry Wiggins (occupy), Rebecca Peebles (yourwholeself), deb y felio (advocacy), Louis Trujillo (Genderfuck), Sue Simon (science), Belgin Yucelen (wisdom), Kate Woodliff O’Donnell (Love), Emily Grace King (Greek word for honest, fair, decent), Tricia Waddell (unbreakable & magical), Autumn Thomas (subvert), Constance E. Boyle (inclusion), Carol Guerrero-Murphy (community), Gail Waldstein (hotdamn), Unknown (brave), Karen Kielpikowski (kindness), Joslyn Green (embody), Marj Hahne (hot cocoa at midnight), Kimberly O’connor (truth), Eileen Roscina (balance), Stacey Stormes (breathe, rest, revive), Liz Quan (spirit, humor), Brooke Granville (tenderness), Mary Chandler (clearing), Drew Austin (wonder)

Collaborations are multi-layered explorations in which a fusion of ideas and creative approaches occur. They inspire inquisitive discussions and observations, a profound jump into the unknown, the bending/flexing of methods/ideas, and a celebration of our strengths and expressions.


For Pink Progression’s Center for Visual Art exhibit, artists were invited to pick an artist to collaborate with.


Fawn Atencio & Susan Vaho • Mindy Bray & Sophie Lynn Morris • Katie Caron & Marie Perrin-McGraw • Sally Elliott & Bonnie Stolzmann Melissa • Furness & Estee Bershof • Jennifer Ghormley & Jodi Stuart • Kim Harrell & Katie Hoffman • Tsehai Johnson & Edie Tavel • Anna Kaye & Mark Brasuell • Irene Delka McCray & Karen Keilpikowski

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Our group of artists were split into two geographic areas. Each artist has one week to complete their marks and deliver the collaborative artwork to the next artist. The collaboration started on September 18th and ended on December 10, 2017. 

The Denver and Aurora group consists of artists Mindy Bray, Frankie Toan, Dylan Scholinski, Kellie Cannon, Fawn Atencio, Trine Bumiller, Kate Woodliff O’Donnell, Viviane Le Courtois, Melissa Furness, Jennifer Ghormley, Kim Harrell, and Jennifer Pettus.

The West & North of Denver + Colorado Springs group consists of artists Anna Kaye, Katie Caron, Julia Rymer, Veronica Herrera, Rian Kerrane Bonnie Ferrill Roman, Ania Gola-Kumor, Susanne Mitchell, Irene Delka McCray, Ajean Ryan, and Margaret Kasahara.