Artist Talks at the Denver Public Library

Denver Public Library Artist Talk, May 20 and June 10, 2018

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Boulder and Denver Public Library Openings

Thank you for joining us on March 2nd and March 10th for our openings at the Boulder and Denver Public Libraries. We can’t wait for the next one at the Center for Visual Art on May 31st from 6 to 8 p.m. Thank you to Bluepoint Bakery, Walnut Cafe, Teatulia, Goldmine Cupcakes, and Sugar Bakeshop for their generous and exceptionally delicious food donations.


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Workshops at Pink Progression’s Boulder Public Library exhibit

Vacuum Forming

On March 10th, artist and educator, Katie Caron demonstrated how to create artwork using the vacuum forming process with polystyrene plastics. Participants explored concepts related to Pink Progression and personal narratives to create their own vacuum formed compositions using objects and clay.

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Rethinking the Pinking 

On March 17th, artists Frankie Toan and Steven Frost hosted the “Rethinking the Pinking” workshop to address the symbolism of the pussy hat and generate new concepts for more inclusive symbolism. Frankie Toan and Steven Frost encouraged an open dialogue around who the pussy hat represents/excludes, and how we should consider more inclusive symbolism in activism. Participants created alternative hats that reflected their own voice in contemporary feminist activism.

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Pink Potluck

For Pink Progression’s pink potluck, artists brought pink inspired foods to share. Pictured below from left to right: Mindy Bray’s pickled watermelon radishes, Veronica Herrera’s rice crispy treats sprinkled in pink, Viviane Le Courtois’ deliciously bright beet salad, Amy Metier’s gorgeous pink roses, and Kate Woodliff’s cherry cake topped with pink frosting. There were many other delicious pink dishes including pizza, salad, cranberry meatballs, and more.


Our host, Kate Woodliff O’Donnell, served rose wine in pink kitty bottles. We took a group picture (not all artists who attended the potluck are pictured here) at the end of the night.


Thank you, Jennifer Ghormley, for giving us your hand-made t-shirts for the upcoming Women’s March! Each of the artists got hand-made figurines for our chalk event on Jan. 20/21st, pink tea, and a pre-addressed and stamped postcard for the call for entry.



Art & Coffee @ the MCA

Pink Progression artists met at the MCA for art, coffee, and a brainstorming session. We worked on programming, workshop, and interactive artwork ideas as we prepare for our upcoming exhibition at the Denver and Boulder Public Libraries.

Pink at the MCA

Each artist received a tulip bulb to plant. When our exhibit begins, their bulb will bloom pink. The artists also received a card (that they picked at random) from a deck called “Women Cards” created by a group of art directors and designers from around the world to “turn negatives into positives by calling out damaging gender stereotypes.”

MCA Pink Giveaway